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Racy (BD Actress) Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Wiki & Facts

Racy (BD Actress) Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Wiki & Facts

Racy (BD Actress)

Racy (BD Actress) Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Wiki & Facts

Racy is one of the popular Dhallywood film actresses. She was born in Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. She had a dream to work with the media from her childhood. She participated in the Binodon Bichitra beauty contest in the year 2003 and luckily won the contest. Then finally, her dreams came true in the year 2005. She had her debut film in the year 2005. Her debut film was named as Neel Anchol. It was directed by Bulbul Jilani.

After a small break, she started to work in different Dhallywood films and performed in more than 30 Dhallywood films. Some of her films of that time are Shopno amar ohonkar, Obujh shishu, Shami vaggo and several others. Most of those films were well appreciated and successful in the media.

Racy Husband / Marriage

Then she got married to a businessman. The marriage occurred according to her family decision. Then she had a break from the media works. She said that she had the wish to work for the films but she was busy with her family. She was busy with her only daughter parthona.

After the break, she again came back to the media work. She already signed for two Dhallywood films. Those are Lal shobujer shur and Daam Diye kena. First one is based on a novel of liberation war for the teenage. It will be directed by the Mushfiqur Rahim Guljar. And the second one will be directed by Jakir Hossain Raju where she will play the role of a village girl.

Soon she will start to shoot on both of those films. She said that it will be a new beginning for her to the media. She also said that her husband inspired her to come back to the media. She is trying to rebuild her career with her performance. She said that it is a challenge for her and she is confident to do this. She also said that she got all she needed before her break. Thus she has nothing to lost or think about, she just wants to carry on her works.

TV Commercials

Racy is not only a film actress, she also acts in different TV dramas. Some of her notable recent dramas are Villain and In a relationship. She was asked that why she came back to the media again. She replied that she had an interest to the media work especially to the small screen works. So she came back to fulfill the interest. She also said that she enjoys the working in the TV and still is interested in working on the big screen.

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